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Medical Care and Lost Wages After a Car Accident

If you were injured in a traffic crash, you are entitled to certain medical and wage benefits under New Jersey's no-fault insurance law. Many people do not understand their Personal Injury Protection (PIP) rights and other aspects of auto accident insurance. Without legal counsel, insurers often take advantage of accident victims by denying coverage or underpaying legitimate claims.

You should not be stuck holding the bag, especially if the negligence of others caused your motor vehicle accident. Personal injury attorney Jae E. Lee and the knowledgeable staff of Jae Lee Law will explain, assert and protect your insurance rights. We are prepared to fight insurance companies, including actions for bad faith denial if they refuse to cover your losses.

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Bergen County Personal Injury Protection (No-Fault Insurance)

New Jersey has a "no-fault" system designed to cover minor accidents and the initial claims in serious accidents. This is paid by your own insurance company through your Personal Injury Protection, or PIP coverage. PIP covers (1) medical bills up to a limit, (2) lost wages if you miss work and (3) property damage to your vehicle.

When Jae Lee Law is hired to handle a personal injury auto accident, we assist clients with no-fault claims at no additional cost as a service to our clients. We can help if your doctor's bills are not getting paid, if you are not getting wage benefits or if you are getting the runaround on vehicle repair or replacement

After the PIP limits are exceeded, fault still comes into play. The other driver or entity is responsible for future medical needs, for permanent disability, for lost earning capacity, and for your pain and suffering. We have the experience and resources to prove fault if liability is contested.

If the other driver did not have insurance, or if your losses exceed the policy limits of that driver's liability coverage, you are covered under your policy through uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance. We have extensive experience in arbitration and litigation of UM/UIM claims.

Denial of No-Fault Insurance Claims

Your insurance is required by law to cover your initial losses. If you are having any trouble with PIP claims, or if you simply want to explore your personal injury rights, contact us today online or by telephone at 201 346-3800 to speak with an experienced Fort Lee, North Bergen and Morris County car accident lawyer in a free initial consultation.

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