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Did Your Employer Fire You Unlawfully?

Employees can be fired for many reasons — many of them unfair, but lawful. However, when a person is fired because of their age, race, gender, religion or other protected status, the employer has crossed a line and broken the law. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, it is important to have an experienced employment law attorney protecting your rights.

Fort Lee wrongful termination attorney Jae E. Lee handles a wide range of employment discrimination cases for clients throughout New Jersey. If your employer has wrongfully terminated your employment, Jae Lee Law is committed to helping you obtain justice and compensation for the losses you have suffered.

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Wrongful Termination Attorney and "At Will" Employment

Both New Jersey and New York are "at will" employment states, meaning that employers can fire their employees for almost any reason at all, unless the employee is protected by a contract, collective bargaining agreement or other legal document.

However, there are many exceptions to "at will" — classifications protected by both state and federal law for which an employer may not terminate an employee. These classifications include:

Additionally, employees cannot be fired for whistleblowing (reporting unlawful practices to an authority) or taking family and medical leave. If you have lost your job for any of these reasons, our attorneys can help you explore your legal options. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of workers throughout New Jersey.

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